Glazed Pots

We sell a wide range of Glazed and Terracotta pots. We stock many different shapes, sizes and colours. As well as pots, we sell saucers and pot-feet in a range of colours. We also stock a range of glazed animals, such as Frogs, Turtles, Cats, Sheep, etc.

As an example, we have potted-up a large number of pots with different plants or combinations of plants. These can make an instant statement on a deck or patio. They also make a great gift. Customers can get inspiration from what we have done and use a different combination of pot shape or colour to get a unique "look" for their place. We can pot up a plant into the pot of your choice, and can even deliver if it can't fit into your car.

Plants for Pots

Acacia Limelight is a fantastic, low maintenance
Australian native - forming a dense mound of bright, lime-green foliage. This highly ornamental evergreen shrub is simply superb when grown in a pot or planter on the deck or patio. The evergreen foliage and weeping habit make it very appealing for low maintenance year round enjoyment.Will grow in full sun or part shade and will tolerate a light frost. In a large pot, it will grow to 60cm tall and 80cm wide. We recommend using a large tall pot so it can show off its weeping habit.

Cotyledon 'Kermit' has large bright-green rounded leaves with deep magenta margins and orange to red flowers in winter. It forms a stout multi-branched trunk. It grows in sun to part sun. Will handle wind and a small frost. Grows 70cm tall and 70cm wide. "Kermit" needs a fairly large pot to do it justice. We recommend a large Malay pot which is 55cm wide and 36cm tall. In less than a year from being potted in a pot this size, it will look stunning.

Bidens "Flair" is a long flowering compact perennial with clear yellow flowers. It's great in the garden and will flourish in a hanging basket for a season but is absolutely stunning in a large black or blue glazed pot. Best in full sun but will handle part shade and keeps flowering through a light frost. We recommend a large Malay pot, 55cm wide and 36cm tall.

Some of our Pots