We grow a large selection of plants that we sell, therefore they are acclimatised to the area.

We have a large selection of natives, exotics, fruit trees, herbs, flower and vegetable seedlings, succulents, grasses, perenials, hedging and shelter trees.

Fruit trees

We source and sell a very large range of Fruit trees including, but not limited to, Citrus, Stone and Pipfruit, Tropical fruit trees, Avocados and Tamarillos.

We grow a range of fruit trees including Grapes, Olives, Passion fruit, Boysenberry, Raspberry, Figs, Feijoes, Tamarillo and Paw Paws.


We have a large range of Oranges, Mandarins, Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit, Ugli, Tangelos and Lemonades. We have in stock Kaffir Limes trees, the leaves of which are used in Thai cooking.

Stone and Pipfruit

We have a large range of Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums and Nectarines due in store around the middle of June. These trees are bare-rooted and sold from a sawdust pit for about 8 weeks.

Some recommended varieties:

  • Apple."Monty's Surprise" Great cropper, excellent flavour, sweet and juicy but its greatest claim to fame is its high level of flavonoids and other beneficial compounds.
  • Peachcot. Cross between Apricot and Peach - lovely taste, crops well for us in the North.
  • Apricot. "Gold Nugget". very sweet and great flavour, but best of all it is a low-chill variety and will crop heavily in the North
  • Plum. "Luisa" large yellow fleshed plum, sweet and juicy.

Tropical fruit trees

We recommend that tropical and subtropical fruit trees be planted in Spring and Summer so they have time to get established before the wet and cold of the winter.


We stock the "Hass" and "Reed" varieties.


We stock the Golden and Red varieties.


Hibiscus have bright bold tropical flowers and grow very well in coastal and frost free areas of the north of the North Island. We propagate a very large range of Fijian and Hawaiian varieties. In the sub-tropical north, Hibiscus can flower for 8 - 10 months of the year.

Hibiscus like other tropical plant prefer to be planted from mid-spring to summer so they can get well established before the cool and wet of the following winter. They like the heat, so a sunny, sheltered well-drained position is best. We recommend feeding with Nitrophoska Blue fertiliser every two months - September to March.

Hibiscus do so much better if they are pruned every spring, every year. September is a good time. Don't be afraid to prune them by a third - they will give a much more prolific flowering display if you do this. Our main selling season is October to March.

Leyland Cypress

We grow Leyland Cypress for use as shelter and privacy for farms and lifestyle blocks.

Cypress hedging is hardy and attractive. It can be trimmed every year into a tidy hedge or cypress can be left untrimmed and they will grow 15 -20 metres tall.

Once established cypress hedging copes very well with dry conditions but does not like to be too wet. The main planting time is April to August; though we usually have them available all year round.