Bulk Landscaping Supplies

We stock a wide range of Bulk Landscaping Supplies which we sell by the bag, by the trailer load or by the truck load.

Bulk supplies include No.4 and No.5 graded bark, mixed bark, post peelings, compost, potting mix, topsoil, two grades of river stone, crushed shell, white chip and Waikato Gold pebbles. These products are used to enhance the look of gardens and outdoor living areas.

Waikato Gold pebbles can be used on garden paths or as a mulch on garden beds. When they are wet, they glisten with the sun shining down on them. We recommend that a good-quality weedmat be laid on the ground with the pebbles laid on top to a thickness of 50mm. On sloping ground, a thicker covering may be required.

We also stock loam topsoil and garden mix. The garden mix is a mixture of loam topsoil and compost and is great for raised garden beds or to rejuvenate vegie gardens.

We can arrange delivery of any quantity if required.

Paving/Stepping stones

We are stockist of a range of sandstone and limestone paving that is created by nature. These pavers, sourced from India, come in a range of colours and in different sizes. As these pavers are created by nature, each one is unique.

Standard sizes are 900 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, 450 x 450mm, 600 x 300mm and 300 x 300mm.

These pavers can be used as stepping stones through a lawn or garden or can be used to create a paved patio area.

Sleepers and Logs

We stock Gum sleepers 200x100mm in different lengths. These sleepers are ideal for small retaining walls, garden steps or as garden edging. They have an expected life with in-ground contact of 15 - 20 years.

We stock Punga logs in 6ft lengths. These can be used for garden edging, small retaining walls or fences. Punga logs are great for adding character in a garden.